Ashley County Medical Center Acquires First Carestream Digital Fluoroscopic X-Ray system in the U.S.

Ashley County Medical Center in Crossett, Arkansas serves one of the largest counties in the state, covering more than 940 square miles. The medical center has recently undergone a complete renovation in their Radiology Department, being the first in the United States to install Carestream’s new DRX-Excel Plus radiography/fluoroscopy system. "The DRX-Excel Plus system is an important tool for evaluating patients who may be seriously injured or critically ill. Its ability to provide rapid digital X-ray imaging studies and fluoroscopy exams allows our physicians to evaluate each patient’s condition and prepare them for transport to tertiary hospitals if needed," said Phillip Gilmore, the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer.

Using the DRX-Excel Plus means less radiation for patients, cutting the dosage in half, sometimes even up to 80 percent. Dose-Area Product (DAP) measurements allow tracking of the exact radiation dose received by each patient. The machine has the lowest fixed table height in the industry, meaning easy access for wheelchair patients, stretchers, and pediatric patients, lowering to 19 inches.

Ashley County Medical Center’s emergency department averages around 750 patients a month. Purchasing the Excel Plus, as well as the Carestream’s Evolution, a digital remote X-Ray unit, was part of the hospital’s transition to the latest generation of digital low radiation imaging equipment (Carestream).

The department also installed the first Fuji Aspire Cristalle Digital Mammography unit in Arkansas. This unit offers one of the most progressive digital mammography systems to help detect early signs of breast cancer. In addition, Parascript’s AccuDetect Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) for mammography, was the first installed in the United States with Fuji Aspire Cristalle. The software uses several independent cancer detection procedures and a unique patented voting methodology to combine its results. Linking the results of the various image recognition processes permits for enhanced sensitivity and reduced false-positive rates.

“Our radiologists use Parascript CAD mammography software because it’s more accurate. Getting Parascript software gives us the state of the art technology. It lets people know that we are serious about taking care of their health and taking care of their families,” said Ronnie Dillion, Director of Radiology at ACMC.

In addition, the all-digital department also houses the first 128 slice GE CT scanner in the state. The department also includes a new GE digital C-Arm for surgery, a new digital Carestream portable unit, 3-D/4-D ultrasound, Bone Densitometry, and Siemens 1.5 tesla MRI. Since the opening of the state of the art all-digital, low radiation dose Radiology Department, Ashley County Medical Center has been welcoming radiology guests to their facility. Hospital officialsfrom across the country and literally around the world have been visiting the department. Visitors from: Argentina, Mexico, Philadelphia, Kentucky, Alabama, Arizona, and Jefferson Regional Medical Center in Pine Bluff. Some of these hospitals that have been visiting are muchlarger than Ashley County Medical Center.

“We are proud to be the healthcare provider for Ashley County and the surrounding areas. We strive for excellence in technology and care, always putting our patients we serve first,” said Gilmore.

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Caitlin Martin
Marketing Director
Ashley County Medical Center