Train the Trainer

Ashley County Medical Center’s Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Skip MacDonald hosted “ Train the Trainers” at ACMC. Train the Trainers was a four session course teaching athletic training skills to 14 high school students from both Hamburg and Crossett schools.

Dr. MacDonald says both schools have a need for student trainers since they do not have certified athletic trainers. Having student trainers helps take a burden off of coaches, not having to worry about trying to do both, coach and be a trainer.

Students in the course learned the basics of athletic injuries and how to recognize them; from skin infections and ligament injuries, to heat injures, and concussions. The ethics of being a healthcare provider and HIPPA guidelines were also taught. All student trainers will be held under HIPPA guidelines.

Tyler Hickman, a sophomore at Hamburg High School, knew right away that he was interested in the student trainer course. “As an injured athlete I want to be able to help my brothers on Friday nights. Also, I want to be a physical therapist and like helping others.” Felicity Fisher, sophomore at Crossett High School, had similar reasons to participate. “ I want to pursue a career in physical therapy, so doing this program is extra practice for me to accomplish my goals,” explains Fisher.

All fourteen students in the student trainer course passed a very demanding exam at the end of the course. Students should be able to recognize what they are looking for when injuries occur and feel comfortable assisting on the sidelines. Dr. MacDonald is impressed with the comradery from the two schools by accepting these student trainers on the sidelines and in the field house.

Fisher is excited she is able to give back to her school. “ I have the opportunity to help make sure our athletes get the best care and treatment possible,” explains Fisher.

Both Hamburg and Crossett Schools have taken this program seriously and see the need for their student athletes. Dr. MacDonald is on sideline for all of Crossett’s home football games, and Jacob Dorman, Physical Therapist at ACMC, is on the sideline for all of Hamburg’s home football games.

“I really enjoyed working with these exceptional students. They were enthusiastic and grasped some rather advanced medical concepts. I am excited to watch this program mature. It is a cynosure of the results that can be realized when segments of the community join together to solve an apparently unsolvable problem,” says Dr. MacDonald.