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Coronavirus Update

Crossett, AR—Ashley County Medical Center is closely monitoring updates related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We are working with the Arkansas Department of Health, and staying abreast of information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The situation is evolving day by day, and as we gather more information we will be updating you as often as possible. As of the time of this press release, there are no known cases of COVID-19 in Ashley County.

Recommended policies and procedures from the CDC and ADH are in place. ACMC is preparing accordingly and changes to visitor policies, as well as daily operations within the hospital and clinics, are to be expected. Healthcare personnel will be wearing protective gear as they are trying to prevent transmission of the virus. Please do not be alarmed by this, and remember this gear keeps both our patients and our staff safe. Personal protective equipment is valued and we ask you respect that we must be vigilant and careful with our usage of such.

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is quite contagious. It can be spread by patients even with only mild symptoms. Current evidence suggests it is primarily spread via respiratory droplet meaning through the air expelled while breathing, coughing, and sneezing. There is currently no specific treatment for the virus, and no vaccine. Treatment is supportive care at home for most patients, though there will be patients that need hospitalization for more serious cases.

ACMC asks that patients call ahead to the clinics and ER if you are experiencing a respiratory illness before arriving. We are attempting to limit the number of unannounced arrivals so proper precautions can be taken for patients, our staff, and other patients in waiting areas. Some low risk patients with very mild symptoms similar to the common cold may be directed to treat supportively at home without a visit to the doctor. This is to reduce exposure to other patients and healthcare personnel, as well as to preserve limited resources. For patients requiring a doctor’s visit you will be instructed regarding appointment times, points of entry into the facility, etc. If you are to be seen in the ER or at an ACMC Clinic, expect to be given a mask upon arrival and instructions on how to wear it. This will help prevent further transmission from ill patients to other patients and staff members.

Please do not use the ACMC ER entrance from 7AM to 7PM unless you are to be seen as a patient in the ER. If you are arriving at the hospital for other reasons, please use one of our other entrances. Also, if you need to utilize our outpatient services please call ahead to check in with financial counseling.

Effective Saturday, March 14th, the ACMC cafeteria will be closed to the public. The cafeteria will only be open for ACMC employees and patients until further notice.

Effective Monday, March 16th, all visitors will be screened upon entering ACMC. More details to come on the visitor screenings as they become available.

Please be advised that all vendors and marketers are not allowed in the building. If you need to visit an ACMC employee, please do so via phone call or email.

If you are not feeling well, avoid visiting the hospital or accompanying patients to the clinic. It’s best to stay home and out of crowded spaces. Viruses that spread primarily through respiratory droplets are difficult to control which is why COVID-19 has spread so rapidly. Distancing yourself from others can be effective. Handwashing and alcohol-based hand sanitizers with 60% alcohol are also helpful, as the virus can remain on surfaces we touch in public spaces, which can then be transmitted to our eyes, nose, and mouth. While COVID-19 is a major concern, influenza is still prevalent in our area. Flu vaccination plus these same measures can help keep you safe from influenza.

To help prevent the spread of germs remember these hygiene tips:

  1. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap
  2. Don’t shake hands
  3. Stay home if you are not feeling well or sick. Monitor your temperature as well.
  4. Social distancing- keep 6 feet between you and those who are sick.
  5. Recognize the signs and symptoms of the COVID-19, flu, and the common cold to self-screen.

ACMC clinics have a physician on-call 24/7. Contact information for each clinic is listed on our website. Call the clinic telephone number or the hospital operator and the on-call provider will call and instruct you on your next step. The CDC, Arkansas Dept of Health, and ACMC’s websites (also ACMC’s Facebook page) will be periodically updated with information regarding COVID-19 and other important health matters.

ACMC appreciates your support and will continue to serve our community and update the public with new information as it becomes available. While these events are somewhat rare and can be alarming, outcomes are improved with an organized, calm, and community minded approach - ACMC and the people of Ashley County are up to the task.