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Dietary Services

Nutrition at Ashley County Medical Center

Diet and nutrition are a foundational aspect to health and wellness. Ashley County Medical Center is dedicated to providing a high standard of quality care to patients and visitors alike. In order to help our patients experience a quick recovery, we provide healthy, nutritious meals. As part of a holistic approach to healthcare, we make sure that our patients are able to enjoy well-prepared meals with whatever guests or family members they may have staying with them.

Our Dietary Services

The Department of Food & Nutrition at Ashley County Medical Center oversees the nutritional needs of patients, visitors, and members of the community through the cafeteria, inpatient meals, and special functions. Patient meals are prepared according to dietary standards and as prescribed by their doctor.

Our services include the following:

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy by a registered dietitian
  • Inpatient nutrition screening, assessments, and education
  • Outpatient nutrition counselling and education with physician referral
  • Meal service to patients and cafeteria

Due to Covid, only one complimentary guest tray will be provided, per room, for guests of patients.

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