We are dedicated to helping people coming into the hospital in any way we can.

We provide assistance in showing people where they need to go for services, pushing wheelchairs.

We sponsor a Tree of Love each Fall where we ask people to donate $1.00 in honor or in memory of a loved one. We then display those names in the lobby during the month of December. The money we collect is used for our Scholarship Fund.

We provide two $1,000 scholarships each year to deserving students who wish to go into nursing.

We sponsor a scrub sale twice a year for the hospital employees, nursing home workers, etc. The money we make goes to purchase needed items for the hospital.

We sponsor the HELP program which provides safety stickers to be worn inside bicycle helmets giving critical information to responders in the event of a bicycle wreck.

We sponsor the WHALE program in which we supply informational items and stickers to be placed in the rear window of automobiles carrying infants and stickers to be placed on the infant seats giving medical or other information in the event of an accident.

We provide a Christmas party for the employees of the hospital each year to show our appreciation for them.

We provide baskets of goodies to the doctors for Doctor's Week.

Each year in May, we take the money we've made that year and purchase items needed from the Capital Needs List for the hospital.

These are some of the activities and programs offered by the Auxiliary.

Marsha Scott 

If you are interested in volunteering with ACMC Auxiliary please call Marsha Scott at 870-364-1263.