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Skilled Pharmacists & Technicians at Ashley County Medical Center

The pharmacy is staffed by three pharmacists and two pharmacy technicians. Our pharmacists are trained to prepare intravenous medications, dispense medications, advise staff on the dosage of medicines, and work with other healthcare team members on the most appropriate drug therapy. In addition pharmacists will write guidelines for drug use within the hospital and implement hospital regulations

They are also trained to help with kinetics and the clinical monitoring of patients’ drug regimens. The technicians work on purchasing medications for our patients, maintaining our inventory and the Omnicells. Our Omnicells are automated dispensing machines that store and provide delivery of medications for our patients.

Take a look at the benefits of choosing ACMC for your pharmaceutical needs:

  • Automated dispensing machines – Omnicells
  • Antibiotic Stewardship Program
  • 340 B Program
  • Clinical Monitoring
  • Kinetics

ACMC pharmacy staff is committed to providing quality patient care. Our pharmacy utilizes computer systems to review, maintain and monitor each patient’s medication profile, purchase medications from our wholesaler, and maintain our inventory system. It is the pharmacy’s goal to provide efficient service to our patients by implementing and maintaining patient's drug therapy, IV programs, our inventory system and our Omnicells.

As a local facility, we strive to provide a level of care that patients in a metropolitan area would receive. We have the resources and experience to provide a wide variety of care to patients diagnosed with various illnesses or injuries. Our pharmacy meets patients’ needs in an efficient and caring manner.

Have some questions about our pharmacy? Contact Ashley County Medical Center.

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